Frequently Asked Questions

    Doors and windows are a personal choice so while we do need to know the exact size of the doors and windows for the build outs in the building, you can change size and position, if need be, in the pre-engineering process before it goes to final engineering.

   Any changes made in the engineering process is usually more money for the changes, we help to get as close to perfect for your building before engineering to ensure a smooth transition in the engineering process.

     Details such as color are usually done in detailing.

    Your Project Manager will contact you many times to ensure the details of your building are met to your specifications.

  We are happy to look at your drawings and see if it’s something we can pre-engineer for you.

   You are more than welcome to use an architect for your building, we work closely with architects, real estate agents, contractors and all aspects of the construction industry, help the customer get the building they want.

    We do have a 3-D designer for you to design your building and send it directly to us for a quote.

 Shipping is calculated by weight and the number of trucks needed to get your building from the manufacturer closest to you.

        Engineering is for the safety of the inhabitants and the building itself to withstand whatever you will be using it for, such as a shop with a crane for mechanical or woodworking, also your building is engineered to withstand the elements that are in your area.


    snow loads, dead loads and live loads are all calculated into the steel structure as well as wind speed and seismic codes.

     Foundational engineering is done to make sure the concrete has sufficient strength to hold the weight of the building. Along with this the concrete depth is determined by frost depth in your area.

     We do not erect our own buildings, but we can provide a list of erectors for you to contact.

     We also have recommendations for concrete contractors for your slab and general contractors who can help with the electrical and plumbing should you need them.